Strategy Diagnosis

The Emergent Approach to Strategy is a new theory and practice by Peter Compo that brings heightened clarity to strategy definition and design.

Use the following 10 questions to articulate your current strategy and discover the degree of alignment in your organization.

You have options for using the questionnaire:

  • Answer the questions yourself
  • Answer in a group setting with discussion, or
  • Have multiple people answer independently to judge alignment in your organization

You can do several things with the results:

  1. If you would like to discuss the questionnaire and even your results, you can schedule a 30-minute consultation with Peter Compo by sending us an email.
  2. Share the results of your team privately or publicly to discover where everyone is.
  3. Evaluate your answers using the design principles in the chapters of The Emergent Approach to Strategy. Especially, you can also use the Five Disqualifiers of Strategy to evaluate your responses.

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