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New Theory, New Tests, And A New Practice Of Strategy

  • "A pivotal book about strategy, packed with real-world value... poised to change the way you think about, and use, strategy."

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At January 2020: This is the Beta site, with some functionality and content still to arrive.
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Strategy is hard. Change is hard. Innovation is hard. Any approach to strategy framework design and implementation that promises quick results on a timeline with little struggle will fail. 

The eApproach is an important new book from corporate veteran Dr. Peter Compo that cracks the nut of strategy wide open, providing both the first foundational theory and detailed actionable methods to confront the chronic misunderstanding and misuse of strategy found in so many organizations today.

Supplement To
The Book

Additional material for select chapters

This supplement to The eApproach contains appendices, templates, dialogs, downloadable PDFs and more.

Task Sets of the eApproach

design and implement strategy frameworks

Learn about (and download templates for) the detailed and practical methodology set out in Part II of The eApproach. A bonus for the buyers of the book.

Strategy Test of the Month

Learn How To Evaluate Strategy With The Five Disqualifiers

Each month, we assess a prospective strategy per the five disqualifiers of the eApproach.

The Author 

Dr. Peter Compo is a scientist, engineer, businessman, and writer who spent twenty-five years at DuPont in a diverse, cross-functional career, including director of corporate integrated business planning. He joined Dupont in 1988 as a research scientist, after receiving his BA in...

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‘The Emergent Approach’ Website Launches In Beta

January 8, 2020

Welcome to the official website of 'The Emergent Approach' by Dr. Peter Compo. Dr. Compo's book is poised to change the way you think about, and use, strategy. This is the Beta version of the site, with some content and functionality still to arrive in the coming weeks. In the meantime, why not sign up to The Emergent Approach newsletter? Use the one-click signup form below.

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