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Peter Compo is a corporate business veteran, scientist, and musician who spent twenty-five years at E. I. DuPont in diverse leadership positions, including director of corporate integrated business planning.

He joined Dupont in 1988 as a research scientist after receiving his BA in Biology (SUNY Purchase) and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (City University NY). He went on to hold positions in research, operations, marketing, product management, and director of DuPont ventures, before being appointed to his corporate integrated planning role.

Peter’s broad view of strategy and innovation began developing during his graduate research. In addition to his studies, his musical background led him to recognize common adaptive patterns in science and the arts, the same patterns he then also found in business and technology at DuPont.

He left DuPont to work full time on developing a comprehensive theory of strategy and innovation based on complex adaptive systems and incorporate the theory into practice.

Peter comes from a multi-generational family of musicians in the New York City metropolitan area, where he was born and raised. He currently lives in Arden, Delaware.


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