Introduction to the Task Sets for the Emergent Approach

The five task sets are a guidebook for framework design and implementation that
embodies the theory and practice established in The Emergent Approach. Each set
consists of one-to-eight tasks, each of which is an objective. The label “tasks,” instead
of “steps,” highlights that the design principles—not the order of completion—are
the guiding discipline.

The tools and design principles for completing the tasks are in the book. The
relevant chapters and figures are referenced throughout. Each task is followed by a
simple illustration from the continuing evolution of your bike shop venture, headed
with the B i k e S h o p icon. (As a reminder, the bike shop is only a simple
made-up illustration, not a study of the biking industry.)

Some tasks may take minutes, some may take days, and some of them may be
longer. The amount of time depends on the scope and ambition of your endeavor,
the team’s skills and discipline, and any deadlines. The tasks are grouped in the draft
it—evolve it—finalize it format introduced in Chapter 11, Figure 11.5.


The tasks are addressed to you as the strategy program leader. You may be part of
the organization or an external facilitator. You may be a thought leader in the field of
endeavor or not. It’s rare, but you might be the leader of the organization. Or, if it’s
your personal endeavor, you might be all alone. Included in the introductory section
are suggestions for staffing your programs and techniques that apply throughout the
task sets.

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