A Fortune 500 Strategy

Test the strategy

  • Opposite?
  • Each of these “strategy themes” fails utterly.
  • Numbers?
  • Pass. The number four is simply an identifier.
  • Duplicate?
  • Pass, but fail if the board has made this the rules-of-the-game constraint for him. (Could you imagine?)
  • Excluded?
  • Pass. But only because the strategy themes are so high level and because they are such clich├ęs and apply to most every business in the world.
  • Is it a List?
  • Fail.

If Wall Street accepts such a statement and the CEO buys some time, then it is useful. But if this is the CEO's actual working strategy, it is a disaster. Like the zillions of "strategies" that are like this, it could apply to any business on earth; zero uniqueness. Where are the customers? Where are the competitors? Where is anything that says something about this company's place in the world?